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15 Euros (including postal taxes)

  • Surreal paintings at 2 different resolutions
  • Still life paintings
  • Original orthodox icons
  • Watercolors presenting Romanian landscapes, butterflies and exotic fish
  • Graphic works including illustrations of places from Timisoara, optical and science-fiction art
  • Design works including graphic, fashion and industrial design
  • Information about my openings and exhibitions
  • Many photos from Romania, the Netherlands and Germany.
  • Halmagiu Land, a monograph of a Romanian village, Halmagiu. You can discover a wild world of simple farmers who try to preserve their original and simple customs. It is like traveling back in time. For now, this information is only in Romanian.
  • More that 1000 drawings made by children from School No.13, from Timisoara, Romania
  • Podium Art Gallery, a Romanian virtual art gallery. You can see works of many Romanian artists using different art techniques: oil, graphic, ceramic, sculptures, orthodox icons, photography or naive art.
  • Around 500 images in 26 different categories (paintings, landscapes, orthodox icons, kids art, naive paintings, textures, photos from the 20's- 30's) that can be used as wallpapers for your computer desktop