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critic references

            "Niculita Darastean is one of those artists for whom - alike ancient Chinese - art is a unique essence, that the artist can pour in the containers of different skills, as many as he can master. Painter, drawer, designer, photographer, the poet who is revealing himself in this beautiful - meaning much more - book is an alter ego, another avatar of the same artist, who, full of emotion and curiosity, looks over the capacity of different ways of expression in order to send his artistic message.
             Excellent painter, Niculita Darastean tries and succeeds to also paint in words the reality of an acute sensibility, which likes to tell its story. Strangely however, the final story is not the same: while the painter exhibits a raving energy and a baroque imagination, the poet knows that verses are not made to be beautiful, but to guide our thoughts. The simplicity and transparency of his poems try to balance the complicated architecture of his drawings and paintings, together making the perfect globe of a unique endowment.
             The art of the young artist is similar to a liquid eager to take the shape of a container, which itself is searching for its shape. And this search in itself is exciting and gives meaning to his art."
ANA BLANDIANA, Romanian poet, 2005
(romanian version)

(romanian version)