Darastean Art Collection 2000    TIMISOARA CITY HALL, April 2005


       It is not easy to choose a few images that are representative for Timisoara as a whole. Much more than you find in this album is necessary to give you an idea of what Timisoara means, its beauty, its architectural and cultural richness.
       Through the pictures we have tried to catch the spirit of these places, namely the well known "spirit of Timisoara" with everything representative and particular, and not the common urban or historical pictures.
       These pictures speak about Timisoara in a way that no one has done it before. They show all the things that the regular pedestrians could see, but are not aware that they have seen. The great quality of these images is that they reveal the hidden life of Timisoara, hidden but still everywhere present.
       Only looking at these pictures you will have the opportunity to have a short stroll through Timisoara, to "live" in a special and unique city, that even if it is not colorful is still full of life: a Timisoara that belongs to Europe.
Join us in getting acquainted with Timisoara!

Gh. Ciuhandu, Mayor of Timisoara - 2005



Nick Darastean and Gh. Ciuhandu, The Mayor of Timisoara