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             This book contains 26 colored reproductions of some of the most beautiful watercolors made by Nick Darastean as well as a listing of historical data about Timisoara, a western city of Romania, translated into English, German, French, Italian and Hungarian. Click here to take a peek inside the book.

             Size: 26 x 35 cm
             Paper: white matte, 200 gr/mp
             Price: 15 Euros

Printed by Aprilia Print, Timisoara, 2005, ISBN 973-99452-4-4




             Here you can order reproductions of 17 wonderful panoramas and arround 50 different images from Timisoara . They are signed by the artist and are available with or without a frame. Click here for details.

             Size: 35 x 100 cm
             Paper: white or camoscio, 180 gr/mp
             Price: 30 - 100 Euros




             14 exceptional graphic works were chosen to represent Timisoara’s most touristic attractions. They capture the beautiful details of some of the oldest buildings of Timisoara and take us through the history of this magical town, formerly known as “the little Vienna”.
              This collection is printed in a limited edition and every portfolio is signed by the artist.
              There is an English and French description of each location on the back side and the introduction is signed by Gheorghe Ciuhandu, the mayor of this city. Click here to look inside its covers.

             Size: 35 x 40 cm
             Paper: camoscio 180 gr/mp
             Price: 78 Euros

Printed by Brumar Printing Office, Timisoara, 2005




             This portfolio contains 16 reproductions of some of the best graphic works made by Nick D in a smaller format than the one above. Going through these images is a wonderful experience for someone who has already seen Timisoara, as well as for the ones who haven’t had the chance to come here yet.

             Size: 15 x 21 cm
             Paper: light maroon- glossy, 160 gr/mp
             Price: 10 Euros

Printed by Aprilia Print, Timisoara, 2005




             Reproductions of the entire graphic work collection are available and they are signed by the artist. You can order them in 4 different sizes framed or unframed. Size and example: click here

             Paper: white or camoscio, 180 gr/mp
             Price: from 3 to 50 Euros



             This book contains 44 sketches of the surreal paintings of Nick D. The introduction is signed by the Romanian art critique Ioan Iovan. Take a look inside this book!

             Size: 16 x 21 cm
             Price: 11 Euros
             Original works available: 195 Euros



             The entire art work of Nick Darastean can be found on this CD: surreal paintings, still lifes, orthodox icons, graphics, design and photography plus 1000 wallpapers organized in 26 categories.
              You can also find here the monograph of Halmagiu Land, the birth village of Nick D, the entire virtual art gallery from www.podiumart.com and almost 1000 drawings made by Romanian children between 10 and 14 years old. For more details click here.

             Price: 15 Euros